A Full-Service, Conjure Supply House

A Full-Service, Conjure Supply House

Conjure Service Guidelines


Please read this entire section very carefully. If you are interested in retaining my services. 

Understand first that I'm a Root Doctor, not a medical doctor. I am not a therapist or a lawyer.  Any advice you receive from me should be followed up by consulting with your physician and/or any other professional caregiver that you have. Any services I render to you are spiritual in nature and as such are not recognized by the legal system. 

I cannot diagnose or treat any illness, either physical or mental. The work I do is purely spiritual in nature. Your medical health is vitally important and should be placed solely in the care of your physician. Leave your physical and mental health to the doctors and psychiatrists.


Before you follow any advice I give you, such as burning incense, putting oils on your skin, bathing in an herb mixture, ingesting herbal mixtures, etc, you should consult your doctor. Exercise caution, regarding any allergies you may have, or any medical conditions, such as diabetes, if you are pregnant or nursing, any prescriptions you take that may cause reactions with any herbs (MAOI  inhibitors, for instance), etc. For a small percentage of the population, some herbs and oils may have some type of allergic or other adverse reaction. 

Please be aware of the following


Please provide to me the following information, upfront:

* Your full, legal name 

* Any addresses relating to you, both mailing and where you live. Be sure to tell me which is which. These must be current and accurate, or else I will not work for you. 

* Birth information; the city, state and country, complete date (month, day and year) and your correct time of birth (if you have it; see your birth certificate). 

* State clearly and briefly what you want to happen. 

I have a NO REFUND policy. Absolutely no exceptions. All payments must be received in advance. 

Working with me is like going to a doctor. The doctor does not guarantee success, nor does your lawyer. All they can do is try.  Anyone who tells you they can guarantee success is either a scammer or simply over-confident. Only a con-artist will guarantee results. The very best sorcerers have maybe an 80% success rate. That's the VERY BEST. I usually bat about 60-70% depending on various factors. What I can guarantee you is that I will do my best for you. If at first we don't succeed, we can try again with a different tactic. 

Every day things we try in life that don't work the first time, right? Magick can be like that as well. Sometimes the first spell works just fine. Sometimes the third spell does the trick. It's impossible to say how it will work out, since the factors are always changing. 


Working with me is like working with a doctor. You are paying me for my time, my counsel and my services. I will do my very best to help you, but some problems may prove to be very difficult and some are even impossible. The best doctors can't save every patient and I can't walk on water. I will do my best for you and that is all that I can promise. 


Why then, would you want to use my services? For one thing, you'll know that I'm being honest with you, whereas someone else will just blow smoke up your ass and assure you that they cannot possibly fail. So, working with me means starting from a place of honesty.  


OK, so that new outfit you bought... did it really guarantee you that you'd get that boy or girl of your dreams? No, of course not. But you bought the makeup and the shoes, too. You did it for the advantage it gives you. In that new outfit, you feel more confident and you look more appealing. You have a better shot at getting what you want with the outfit, than you do without it.


If I provide you with something like an amulet, sachet or talisman, you may have some responsibility with it, such as feeding it or praying over it regularly. If you are not OK with that, please let me know up front, so I can plan something more low maintenance for you. If I give instructions and you you don't follow them, the working will likely fail. Let's avoid that. Just follow the instructions, no more, no less. If the doctor tells you to take two aspirin and call him in the morning, you don't take two Ibuprofen and then call him at noon. 


Just like electricity, magick takes the path of least resistance. I cannot tell you exactly what will happen as a result of your spell. All we can do is try it. 

Sometimes, people simply do not recognize that a spell has succeeded. This is usually because they're looking for the miraculous. The answer to your problem will usually come from what seems like a very mundane source; it may even seem boringly ordinary, even if it's exactly what you asked for. It has been said that People quite often fail to recognize opportunity, because when it shows up, it is dressed in work clothes!


If you have me do a working for for money, it will not fall from the sky. You will have to go out and work for it. A spell can however provide you with more opportunities to make money, if you get out and look for them. If the client follows all instructions to the letter, there is good reason to expect success, while shortcuts, half-measures and half-hearted attitudes will not bear fruit. If you take the let's just poke at it with a stick and see if it moves" approach, you will have wasted your time and money. I am only interested in building a roster of happy clients, so I can feel good about what I do. 


I only work with clients who will do exactly what it takes to help the spell take effect and remain effective. You may not need to do anything on your end but if you do, you'll know all the instructions in advance.  The Spirits petitioned on your behalf will expect you to do your part, whatever you are capable. If you are totally up the creek, they will know and they'll work with you. 


Keep silent about any work we do together. Don't talk about it to anyone. Magick works best in silence. Even friends can unintentionally ruin a working. Total silence. 

I will help you formulate a spell request that is likely to help you meet your needs, so you'll be positioned for success. I prefer to cast a wide net, such as a spell with a flexible wording. This leaves you open for many possibilities. Such a spell will keep seeking out new leads, until either it finds a suitable ground or the energy dissipates over time. 

We will try for the best possible conclusion, one that strikes a nice blend of both doable and desirable. If that fails, it will then seek another, easier target and so on, until we get something that works. Such a working will pay for itself.  

It's terribly important not to have any spiritual crossed conditions when spell work is attempted. If spell work is done for a client who has crossed conditions, then the energy will not ground anywhere at all, but instead it will keep looping until it finally dissipates. Curses and spirit attachments will cause people to become a sort of positive repellant and/or a negative attractant. When we do our consultation, I will tell you if I see any signs of crossing. 


If you hire me, then DO NOT hire anyone else to work magick for you as well, on the same matter. This is important! You might think you are doubling up on the power, but you're not… you are only messing it up, royally.  You may cause some problems that cannot easily be fixed

If you want to work with another magician instead of me, fine. Do whatever you want, I won't chase your business. But realize that if you hire two practitioners to work on the same problem, you are demonstrating a lack of faith in each of them. It could also cause problems for the workers that you hire.


If a time frame can be given for your working, then I will let you know. But for most things, there is just no timeline to be reckoned. Some things can be expected within X number of days, weeks, or months but not most. Check back with me if it doesn't work within the time frame I gave you. We'll try something else. Be patient and I will do my level best to help you achieve your desired result. 

Don't expect instant results from any working. It can happen that way, but usually doesn't. Most things take time to manifest on the material plane. Usually, the Spirits are usually not too eager to help impatient people, anyway. 


I almost always take photos of the work that I do, to show you. Your mind will need some sort of closure, some small assurance that the work has actually been done. It is best to look at these photos only once, then delete them. Certainly do not show them to anyone else

First, we'll do a one hour consultation. Then I will tell you what (if anything) I can do to try to help you. If I do a divination and it comes up bad, I will tell you. However, there is almost always something we can try. 


You must be at least 18 years of age to have any services rendered. Before you and I can work together, you will need to download this document, sign it, scan it and email it to me: 

Waiver of Liability 

Let's get started today. Let's get you back into the game.